APP Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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APP Control Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Imagine a life where you will not have to deal with any of the dirt or mess in your house. You won’t need to worry about the shedding that your pet might make or even the mess made by a child. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that would do all the cleaning your house requires just so you can enjoy your life doing more important things?

Actually, there is. A Robot Vacuum cleaner, a state of the art innovation that would do all the sweeping, moping, vacuum cleaning works without needing your supervision.

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Why Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a must-have item for every home?

Do You Own a Pet?

We love everything about our pets but shedding. All those shedding need a whole lot of cleaning work and if you're plagued by stray pet hair, maybe it's time to get a robot vacuum.

Leading a Busy Life?

More often than not, we lead a life so busy that we can barely give time to ourselves, let alone cleaning home. So, if you are living a hectic life, then the robot cleaner is the right product for you.

Having Trouble Cleaning Difficult Spots?

It is quite hard for you to clean under the sofa or the corners of your room. But not for this amazing robot vacuum cleaner, it gets into the cramped spaces, cleans, and then comes out, like a champion.

Looking For a Real Time Saver?

If you have a day job and cannot afford spending hours on cleaning your home, then this robot vacuum cleaner comes as a blessing in disguise. All you need to do is, schedule the robot to clean your house on any given time and it will do a perfect job without needing your supervision.

Other Vacuum Cleaners failed to Satisfy?

If you have already owned a vacuum cleaner and tired of controlling it manually, we can assure you that this robot cleaner will never disappoint you.

Don’t just take our word for it! See the features of this formidable robot cleaner presented below and we are rest assured you won’t be able to help yourself but to add this product in your home appliance arsenal.

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Don’t just take our word for it! See the features of this formidable robot cleaner presented below and we are rest assured you won’t be able to help yourself but to add this product in your home appliance arsenal.

The robot vacuum cleaner is a great way to experience the convenience of a robot cleaning your floors. Featuring a long-lasting lithium battery and a large dustbin, it can clean more areas in a single cycle. The vacuum and mop combo along with the Smart Cleaning Path, the robot vacuum cleaner can easily sweep, vacuum and mop efficiently without missing a thing. It picks up any mess, leaving you to spend more time on more important things and enjoy a cleaned home.


Enjoy an Advanced Cleaning Experience.




Automatic Cleaning - Like Never Before

Pressing the AUTO key, robot vacuum cleaner will perform cleaning in automatic condition.

The robot uses its new sensor technology to detect dirt spots and cleans them efficiently so that you can enjoy your time doing everything you love.

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- Total Control in Your Hand

From Anywhere at Anytime

Pair the robot with a home Wi-Fi network and app. It allows you to remotely set up a regular vacuuming schedule, start a full house or spot cleaning, stop or pause the robot and get instant notifications about the status of the vacuuming run. All these features are available in just a push of a button from your mobile phone or you can simply use the remote to control the robot.


- Automatic Charging

This Robot is equipped with the ability to automatically find the charging doc when the battery hits 20%. Afterwards, it resumes the cleaning with its full force.

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- Cleans on a Schedule

With a time scheduling function, you no longer need to worry about dirty floors. Simply set a regular time and forget, never having to return to a dirty home again. If it requires, you can preset vacuum up to seven different times, meaning your home can stay clean every day.


- Long Lasting Lithium Battery

The 3350MAH lithium battery is environment friendly and provides more cleaning time.

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- Multiple Cleaning Methods

The Robot can sweep, vacuum, sterilize, wet mop and dry mop at the same time giving you a neat & clean home.

- Powerful Strong Suction

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► Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results with more power & precision. Multi-surface brushes and strong suction work together to pull in pet hair, dust, dirt and large debris without getting tangled

- Lowest Noise, Highest Performance

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► The workaholic robot beast works in silence and you wouldn’t be bothered by any sound while it cleans your place.

- Clean Sterilized Home

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► The Robot sterilizes your house so that you can have a clean hygienic place to have a great time.

- Collision Free Device

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► The robot will not collide with any of your furniture and also will keep a safe distance from your pet and child, giving you a hassle-free cleaning experience.

- Anti-Fall Sensor

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► The anti-fall sensor allows the robot to clean your table or your rooms without falling down the stairs.

- Suitable for Any Surface

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► Be it tiles or carpets, hardwood or pine floors, this robot cleaner is equally effective on any surface it cleans. Thanks to its powerful suction and smart cleaning techniques.

- Sonic Wall

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► If you don’t want the robot to get in or clean certain areas, you can use the sonic wall device that comes with this robot cleaner. Just put the sonic wall down and the ultra-sonic sensor of the wall will ensure that the robot does not cross the line.

 Other Features:

► 1.Automatic routes selection: The robot can automatically select various cleaning routes, tracking the dirt and keeping your home clean.

► 2.Material Durability: The robot is fireproof, waterproof and equipped with antistatic anti-skip braking system.

► 3.Dirt Capacity: Large dirt capacity so that you don’t require to take the dirt box out frequently.

► 4.Touch Panel: You can navigate your robot through the on-device touch panel.

► 5.Dirt Box Full Reminder:When the dirt box is full, the robot will automatically notify you with "00" on the display.

► 6.Five cleaning patterns: Five cleaning patterns for the most efficient cleaning. Spiral, Zig Zag, Polygonal, Wall Following and Special Bounce. You can choose any of these patterns using your mobile app or just press the “auto” button and let the robot decide the best cleaning method.

► 7.Built-in Ultrasonic Sensor: The ultra-sonic sensor detects to what extent the surface has been cleaned; reducing the repetition of cleaning the same spot and also making sure that no uncleaned spot is left out.

► 8. Problem Checking Ability: When the robot comes across any problem, it identifies the problem itself and puts it on the display.

► 9. Ensuring Safety: While the robot is in cleaning mode, if someone holds the robot for 10s then it will turn its power off automatically ensuring proper safety for everyone.

► 10. Super Suction Force: As far as the suction force is concerned, our robot vacuum cleaner is best in the business. With 1200Pa suction-force, the robot is yet to find its match.

► 11. Anti-Winding Main Brush: The latest design of the main brush prevents the robot from being winded by any sort of wire and hair.

► 11. Easy Cleaning Design: The advanced module-bottom design facilitates you to detach brushes and dustbin with complete ease.

With all the features and benefits, you can admire the true power of this mighty robot only when you’ll see it in action. So, what are you waiting for? Add the Robot Cleaner to your cart right away and enjoy the scientific blessing.

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