147 Pcs/Set Mixed Artificial Fishing Lure Kit
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147 Pcs/Set Mixed Artificial Fishing Lure Kit

All the lures you can need while casting away have been put together in one single, compact and convenient box! From cranks to spoons, deep diving to shallow diving, everything one season angler wants beside him while casting, is right there in the box.

And that’s not it! You will also get all the fishing accessories you might need while working with these lures. Crank Hooks, Jig Hooks, Beads, Swivels and many more!


What Do You Get?


(1) 3 pieces of Hard lures:
1 piece Minnow:8g
1 piece Poper:10g
1 piece ViB:9.5g

(2) 6 pieces of metal lure:
1 pieces spoons:2g/piece
1 pieces spoons:5g/piece
1 pieces spoons:8g/piece
1 pieces spoons:8g/piece
1 pieces spoons:8.5g/piece
1 pieces spoons:9.5g/piece
1 pieces spoons:10g/piece

(3) 36 pieces of soft lures:
1 piece Silicone Bait
1 pieces small green frogs
2 pieces shrimp
2 pieces frog lure 9g/13g
5 pieces grab 3.5cm
5 pieces grab 6.5cm
5 pieces crickets
5 pieces corn
10 pieces earthworm

(4) 31 pieces of accessories:
2 pieces crank hooks
2 pieces jig hooks:1.5g/3.5g
2 pieces lead bullets:1.5g
5 pieces swivels:3.1cm/3.5cm
5 pieces fishing beads
5 pieces Heart
10 pieces dicyclo(diameter:0.68cm)

(5) 2 Box:
70pcs hooks (3#-12#)
1 storage box 17.5*9.2*3.1cm

This kit has been custom-made keeping the fishing lovers in mind. We want to make your fishing experience as fun as possible.
We have a limited number of lure kits available and they are selling faster than one can imagine!

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