8 Strands Super Strong Multi Color Braided Fishing Line
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8 Strands Super Strong Multi Color Braided Fishing Line

“We fishermen simply love Braided Lines. More Strength in lesser diameter, so I can cast long and catch big” – this is what john has to say after buying custom-made 8 strands multi-color braided fishing lines.


The Best Braided Line


No stretch factor and improved casting distance are what make this 300m braid stand apart from the conventional ones.


Super sensitivity makes it a great line for working plugs, lures and for bottom fishing. Performance level for any crank or spinner bait is second to none.


Most conventional braided lines are of 4 strands- making them more prone to breakage and knot-failure. But not this one! The 8 Strand line gives you extra strength whether you are deep fishing or casting in a dense area.


Don’t you think this line could make a huge difference in your future castings?

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