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Who wouldn’t love to see their pet buddy living a healthy life? As a pet owner, you are definitely concerned about the physical and mental health of your faithful friend as they play a crucial role in your pet’s behaviour.

The best way to improve this is to engage your pet by offering rewards in a fun and exciting way that will surely make your pet physically and mentally active. The IQ treat ball does exactly just that.

This squeaky ball only allows them to eat a small portion of the meal that is dispensed when the ball rolls. Thus, keeping your pet stimulated as they figure out how to retrieve more treats.


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► Available in Black, Pink, and Blue

► Footprint and Bone Pattern on the Surface

► Comes in 3 Sizes (7 cm, 9.5 cm & 12 cm)

► Makes Funny & Squeaky Sound When Rolled

► Establishes a Good Chewing Habits

► Dispenses Dry Treats to Intrigue Your Pet

The ball not only improves the digestion process but also it allows to eat and play at the same time, just so you can foster a stronger relationship with your canine buddy.

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